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Services Owner Representation

As an Owner’s Representative, Lawrence Brunoli, Inc. will act as a knowledgeable and experienced intermediary between the client, the architect and the building contractor. As an Owner’s Representative, this service can begin prior to the design phase and run throughout the duration of the project. During the design phase, duties as an Owner’s Representative would consist of soliciting prices and reviewing proposals from architects, engineers and contractors. We would qualify their experience and credentials, and then make our recommendation of who would be best for the project.

During the design phase we review the plans and budgets and make recommendations as needed. During the construction phase, Lawrence Brunoli, Inc. monitors the quality of work being installed, evaluates the contractor’s performance against the work schedule, reviews contractor’s requisition for payment applications and ensures that the contractor’s safety program is acceptable. During the final phase of the project we monitor punch list processing, system testing and transfer of all necessary materials, warranties, guarantees, and operating manuals to your selected managers.

As an Owner’s Representative, our clients utilize our professional expertise to understand the many details of construction so that they can make the necessary and effective project decisions.